“Coping with Creativity is the funny, sad, uplifting, depressing, and so awkwardly perfect thing that I need in my life.”

Hi. I’m Jesse, and this is me—coping with creativity.

I’m a writer who creates fiction and non-fiction, and use my own experience through the journey of self-improvement to motivate other writers (like you) to be the best version of themselves they can be. This project is about building confidence and honing ambition; you’ll come out a healthier human and more productive writer.

How this works.

Every Sunday, I send you an email where I talk with you about important, holistic topics to today’s writers, such as:

  • our mental health

  • self-imposed obstacles

  • the business of writing

At the end of each email, you’ll have the option to participate in weekly Journaling homework. Here, I offer guided journaling topics that follow my tried-and-true RAVE method: Reflection, Accountability, Validation, and Empowerment. Each week builds off the last, the create a linear, tangible journey of improvement through self-reflection.

If you would like an example of the Journaling homework, check out this post:

People say nice things about this.

Thank you for giving me a reason to care about my writing again.

It’s really encouraging knowing that other people go through similar emotions… and have come out on the other side.

This is the email I look forward to the most when I’m looking forward to my day the least. Thank you for being so brutally honest about how much WORK this all is.

What kind of person this is for.

  • Do you feel a primal drive to create something from nothing—to add art and social artifacts to this thing we call existence? You are a creator.

  • Do you feel that creating is your existential throughline, your purpose in life, your drive that keeps you going—even when it doesn’t? You are a creator.

  • Do you wonder if other creators out there ever go through the same internal and external struggles that you do? You are a creator.

I believe that creators are a special kind of humans, existentially tasked with creating something from nothing to fill this world with entertainment, knowledge, culture, and value. This newsletter is our community; this is us, dealing with the stresses and ups and downs of living with this creative duty.

This is us, coping with creativity.

What you can expect from me.

I write primarily about mental health and coping with internal obstacles that we build for ourselves.

I write secondarily about the business-side of being a creator, from establishing a “brand” and identity in a 21st century capitalist society and social media to subscription services and payment processing.

Here are some examples of what I write and how I unpack myself:

Questions you may have.

Why bother subscribing?

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Some of the perks of subscribing include:

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  • You can support a creator helping creators. I am really just trying to help people become better versions of themselves—in whatever way “better” means for them. I want you to grow and become what you want to be; I want you to create things.

The price of a subscription is $5/month or $50/year. The annual subscription is a little cheaper in the long run. If you want to support me but don’t have room in your budget, reach out to me and let me know at billing+creativity@substack.com.

Will you come on this journey with me?

How do I submit questions or comments?

If you’re a subscriber, send an email to me at jesse@lawsonry.com, and mention the email you are subscribed with (or just send me your question from the email address you are subscribed with).

There is no automation here. I do everything by hand—including replying to you personally.