“Coping with Creativity is the funny, sad, uplifting, depressing, and so awkwardly perfect thing that I need in my life.”

Hi. I’m Jesse, and this is me, coping with creativity.

I like to do what I call “reflecting in the open.” This means that I will over-analyze everything about my personal and professional relationships, and tediously pick apart everything about my subconsciousness to the point that I am no longer human and instead an intricate series of logic if-then statements.

I hope that by picking myself apart I can help you and me put ourselves together—whatever that means.

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People say nice things about this.

Thank you for giving me a reason to care about my writing again.

It’s really encouraging knowing that other people go through similar emotions… and have come out on the other side.

This is the email I look forward to the most when I’m looking forward to my day the least. Thank you for being so brutally honest about how much WORK this all is.

What kind of person this is for.

  • Do you feel a primal drive to create something from nothing—to add art and social artifacts to this thing we call existence?

  • Do you feel that creating is your existential throughline, your purpose in life, your drive that keeps you going?

  • Do you feel that there are other creators out there who are going through the same inner and external struggles as you—or are you convinced that you are alone?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then I think you’ll find value in Coping with Creativity.

What you can expect from me.

Here are some examples of what I write and how I unpack myself:

Questions you may have.

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